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Sharing Knowledge And Information Through The Airwaves Using Amateur Radio (HAM) An Old Technology For A Modern Generation.

This “World Ham Radio Training” (WHRT) Website is used in junction with our Facebook Group & YouTube Channels. We share various topics on Ham Radio learning & training material along with some additional emergency preparedness topics concerning emergency communications. For times after a natural disasters happen or when the SHTF and our modern day technology fails, more than likely Ham Radio operators will still be transmitting. You can find more information on our WHRT YouTube Channel for playlist and training videos about various topics and ideas.

YouTube Channel topics including Introduction To Ham Radio ; Technician Class & General Class Exam Training Material ; Morse Code Training ; Radio Equipment & Programming ; & Self-Reliance & Preparedness topics.

I hope the WHRT Facebook Group can use this page as a sharing tool on all things related to Amateur Radio and Emergency Communications as well as preparedness in general. If you have a youtube video that you would like added, please post the request here on our website blog or use the Facebook page and tag my name so I will see it.

Or you can email me the video link and I will update the WHRT Youtube channel with the video. I can then add it to the YouTube Channel under its appropriate channel topic.

Email: VanMan.WSO@Gmail.Com

Youtube: World Ham Radio Training Youtube Channel

Facebook Page: WHRT – World Ham Radio Training Facebook

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About The World Ham Radio Training


Who are we? We are a group of like minded Christians who believe in self reliance and preparedness that want to create a network of Amateur Radio Operators who can communicate and share information freely during times after a disaster or grid down situation. We believe in sharing information and training to get your FCC License to get on the air and communicating with other Ham radio operators. We enjoy sharing our passion for this old hobby in the modern time we live in.

Even if times get tough or even if they don’t, Amateur Radio Operators will still be on the air to share the vital information with others.

Email: VanMan.WSO@Gmail.Com

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(WHRT) World Ham Radio Training Contact Us

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